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Welcome to the site dedicated to Praktica cameras
and their accessories

Available manuals:

Pentacon F
Pentacon FB
Pentacon Six
Praktica IV
Praktica IV B
Praktica B 100
Praktica B 200
Praktica BCA
Praktica BX 20
Praktica DTL 3
Praktica LB 2
  Praktica LLC
Praktica MTL 3
Praktica Nova 1
Praktica Nova 1 B
Praktica PLC 3
Praktica Super TL
Praktica Super TL 1000
Praktina FX
"All you need to take the most beautiful pictures in the world is a simple Praktica with a 50 mm lens.
Stop wasting your time talking cameras, and go take pictures!" — Hans Vree
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I do. In fact, all people that contributed to this website do. And I am sure many others do.

I can clearly recall my first Praktica reflex. It was a heavy, solid camera, with a reassuring, metal "clang" to its shutter. At the time, early seventies, these normally very competitively priced cameras were selling like hotcakes. And with reason... >>>

Update history


The manual for MTL 3 is available in Hungarian too as of today.
Praktica MTL 3 manual - Hungarian



Put up a couple of photos today to the photo section. Have a look, there are many nice ones again!



Today's update:

B system accessories in Polish
Eyepiece accessories in Polish

Also, we've tried to make a nice photo upload form, actually 90% succeeded - now one only has to fill this form which consists of two steps at the moment. But please note, that since it's only working 90%, afer uploading the photo, you won't get a "Photo sent" message yet.



A smaller update this time: after a long long time, i've put up some new photos to the Photo index.



Some lens data have been refreshed, and a rare M42 lens has been added: Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 2/50.
Photos of some lenses and cameras have been added.



I'd like to ask for help this time: I have a couple of manuals in languages i don't speak. Because of this I usually ask others to read through those manuals for me. Only after then can I publish those on this site.

So if you speak any of the following languages and would help me by reading through and correcting the texts for me, please please contact throw

  • In Romanian: PLC 3 manual
  • In French: Extension rings manual
Thank you,



Praktica B 100 manual in Czech
Accessories of the Praktica B system for close-up photography (Czech)



Praktica B 100 manual in Hungarian



Accessories of the Praktica B system for close-up photography (Hungarian)



New photos have arrived into the Photo section.

New manuals:

Unfortunately the site exceeded its disk space, so i took off the downloadable zipped manuals. If someone would still need them, please contact throw!



I promised a big update, here it is ('cause i keep my promises ;) ):

Some camera brochures for: Manuals for:
Two lens catalogues are also up: the Catalogue of 1978, and the Catalogue of 1983.

Some lens details have been refreshed, with added lens schemas and lens pictures, like the CZJ Flektogon 2.4/35.

A new section has been opened devoted for the wide range of accessories for Prakticas.

And we have nice new photos again in the Photo index section!



Exams are over, results are good! :) So I decided to celebrate it with an update - you can find many new photos in the Photo index section.

Also, when there's a chance to download a manual, from now on the zip will contain the manual as scanned .jpg picture files.

A bigger update is on the way...



You probably won't see another update before 13 June, since that's when my final exams end. Happy browsing till then!



Some new photos and two brochures (Praktica FX and Praktina FX) have been added.



3 manuals have been put up, that of the Prakticamat, our 1st non-English (German) manual (zip version is coming a bit later), Praktica IV and IV B.
I've made two manuals from one that contained the latter two in one manual. Those features that are only present in the Prakcita IV B can not be found in the manual of the Praktica IV.



I've put up some new photos today, worth to have a look!



I collected the existing photos under a photo index, so now it is much more easier to browse through them. We don't have many yet, but you can submit one anytime to make our collection grow bigger.

I also reduced the size of the photos that are included in the manuals, so they can be downloaded much faster. Will do so with the zip files in a couple of days as well.



Manual of the MTL 3 and Super TL 1000 have been added.



The look of this page has been refreshed along with the data of the Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 4/135, that Balázs was so kind to measure for us.



Since Sam has been extremely active this weekend, i could do an update again today: some more camera descriptions have been added to the site. Thank you Sam!



Added some camera descriptions today, along with a credits list with those names who have contributed to the site with any material. It can be found under the contact section.



Missing data added for four lenses: Carl Zeiss Biotar 1.5/75, Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2.8/180, Meyer Telemegor 4.5/300, Meyer Telemegor 5.5/400.



Aside from some minor updates, there are two new demo photos and an intro added to the page (if you haven't seen it, it is here). The manuals are downloadable in ZIP format where indicated.



There's a nice new demo photo (Lizzy) along with three new manuals: for the Praktica BX 20, Praktica LB 2 and the Praktica LLC. I hope they will be useful for someone someday!

Thank you Paul for the manuals. However, we still need so many! I can't get enough of them! ; )



Our 1st camera manual is up on the page! Yes, this time i didn't lose it right away ; ) It is still the Praktica BCA. Thank you Paul!



Someone sent me a BCA manual as i can remember today, but i lost all my mail, if you read it, would you please

Thank you



I've decided to put up a contact page for those visitors that are not the members of the PUGW list for easier and faster navigation to know who to ask if they're having questions, since we have more and more visitors that find our site through search engines.

I also recieved two demo pictures, one of them can be found here. Thank you Jack for contributing!



List of Pentacon Six lenses added (starting source is along with some pics demonstrating a given lens performance (ex. for the M42 mount CZJ Flektogon 2.8/20, or the CZJ Flektogon 2.8/65 and CZJ Sonnar 2.8/180 for the Pencacon 6 mount).



Ooops, seemingly i did the last update too long ago - sorry from everyone. This last year in school seems to be tougher than i excpected.

Anyway, i've done the B-mount part too, go and have a look and let me know immediately if you find something that's not correct up there and i'll correct it as soon as i can! Schemas are needed too!

B-mount lenses

Thank you Karsten for the data!

I've also included two general descriptions for the cameras and lenses that Sam provided me with, they can be reached from under the two main sections from the menu line.



At last i've put up all the M42 lenses' data that Sam was so kind to collect and send to me - thank you Sam!

Check out this section!

However, there's still much data missing, and we don't have schemas for every lens either. So if you happen to know/have something that's missing (data or lens schema), or you know about a lens that's not listed, please be so kind to send the missing information to me!

Thank you,

please contact throw


I've updated the grouping of lenses and cameras according to Sam's listings. They can be found under Camera Bodies and Lenses in the upper navigation bar from now on.

The test page has also changed.

I think we should collect any pieces of information we might also need (do we want the "average e-bay price" now or not? etc.), and after that we could start setting up the database (in 2-3 weeks if not less?).



I've created an item classification hierarchy to the site. Please have a look at it and let me know if there's something that's not correct or if you'd like to add something or have a suggestion.



In my opinion the opening page could have an introduction written by one of the PUGW members, or even more.

So far we have 1 article, which you can read here. If you have any suggestions in connection with this one or would like to write another introduction to the page, please send it in an email to me.

Thank you,